The World Needs Your Purpose Undeniably More than Ever


Purpose is the Driving Force of Evolution.
Every species on the planet, including You, is
fundamentally driven to be itself.

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Yet there’s never been a time like this, where so much is expected of us with so little direction.

We’re Flying Blind
We Need Clarity, Focus & Agility.

We want our lives and the world to be better than before. Without the relentless focus on material wealth, acquisition and consumption.

Instead, we want to live and work with meaning and purpose through life-sustaining action.

While being inspired to create newly.

To allow what longs to be birthed through us, so we can live authentically.


In this unfettered scenario…

>>  Who Are You Becoming?

>>  What’s Next?

>> ​ What’s Stuck Inside You that wants to Emerge?

Learn How to Turn Your Dreams Into Meaningful Work

✔ Get Purpose Clarity & Alignment

✔ Gain Agile Leadership Skills & Strategic Decision-Making Tactics


✔ Amplify your Embodied Purpose-Driven Expression

The Emergence Institute

Get master teachings with world renowned experts to create a life and work rooted in purpose.

Do what matters to you. Make a bigger impact in the world.

When you Align, become Agile and Amplify your Purpose, You Emerge as more Whole, Responsive and Resilient to the World.

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I’m a Purpose Activator. Entrepreneur. Scientist. Bestselling Author. Speaker.

Innovation. Product and Systems Consultant
and undaunted Catalyst.

I will help you navigate these legendary waters so you can create products and a business that reflect the most alive, emergent and embodied version of you and your work in the world.

Become Aligned, Agile and Amplify your Purpose

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Learn How to Turn Your Dreams Into Meaningful Work

Pivot on Purpose: Turn your Dreams into Meaningful and Profitable Work

In this fantastic audio course, you’ll learn three simple strategies to move from purpose alignment to manifesting the life and work of your dreams.

Because while you may crave clarity about your purpose, you may not know how to get there.

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Hear what clients, colleagues and customers of Dr. Holly Woods say about their transformational shifts and success in working with her:

“Holly Woods has an excellent grasp of the depth and breadth of purpose work. No one else has looked at it through the stages of personal development lens (and few are qualified to do so!) …advance your purpose journey with Holly as your guide.​”

Tim Kelley
Founder True Purpose Institute, Global Change Agent, Author True Purpose

“Holly takes purpose out of the ethers and into your life. Guided by decades of experience and scholarship, her book The Golden Thread is the first truly integral and developmentally holistic treatment on purpose…. empowering anyone at any stage of life to discover and activate their purpose.​”

Brandon Peele
Author Planet on Purpose

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