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Purpose serves as your GPS, guiding your life trajectory, whether you listen or not. It can help you reach for the seemingly unattainable and stop compromising who you are and were meant to be.

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In the midst of all the uncertainty, do you wish for Clarity to know which way to turn? Confidence that you'll take the right "next" steps? And Courage that you can take those next steps to create a truly purpose-driven life and business?

Do you desire to know more about who you are, and

what's yours to do? To liberate what may be stuck inside of you?

To have even more impact?
After 30+ years working with clients to find and live meaningful lives rooted in purpose, I discovered the Golden Thread that lives inside each of us.

The Golden Thread is a miraculous expression of your soul throughout the stages of your life, as your soul is nudging and pulling you to express yourself.

To BE who you really are. To live your most meaningful life and make your greatest contribution.
By uncovering your own Golden Thread, you will:
  • Gain clarity about who you really are, beyond anything you can imagine
  • Get why you're here and what is yours to do
  • Uncover how everything in your life has made sense, to get where you are now
  • Resolve early wounding that has kept you limited and feeling small
  • Start to live with more meaning and greater impact, so you can help to create a better world and tend to the planet.

Early Praise for The Golden Thread:

"I've worked with many great business leaders and found that connection to purpose unites them. The Golden Thread clarifies that purpose is available to anyone, at any stage. The journey to leadership and prosperity is through your higher purpose and this book outlines the path forward.
John Mackey, Co-Founder & CEO, Whole Foods,
Co-Author Conscious Capitalism: Liberating the Heroic Spirit of Business

"Holly takes purpose out of the ethers and into your life. Guided by decades of experience and scholarship, The golden Thread is the first truly integral and developmentally holistic treatment on purpose. It is rich with vivid case studies and simple prose, empowering anyone at any stage of life to discover and activate their purpose."

Brandon Peele, Author, Planet on Purpose

"Holly Woods has an excellent grasp of the depth and breadth of purpose work. No one else has looked at it through the stages of personal development lens (and few are qualified to do so!) Take this opportunity to advance your purpose journey with Holly as your guide.

Tim Kelley, Founder True Purpose Institute, Global Change Agent, author True Purpose


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